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Our Whole Person, Whole Organization Philosophy

Goose Creek Consulting is a professional development firm committed to improving the capacity of government agencies and their employees to develop the skills, traits, experiences, drivers and competencies to be effective. For the past five years, our experienced coaches, facilitators and consultants have provided services to agencies and individuals seeking to have mission-critical impact.

Our central philosophy is to redefine help by taking an approach that addresses the needs of the whole person and the whole organization. This means we put our focus on addressing the needs of the individual within the whole organization while framing our efforts within the context of agency-wide goals and objectives.

We seek to utilize the best practices of coaching and facilitation in tandem with agency strategic plans. We firmly believe in demonstrating return on individual and human capital investment through concrete metrics, such as employee satisfaction ratings, Office of Personnel Management Federal Employee Viewpoint scores and Executive Core Qualifications ratings.

Our flexible set of coaching solutions assist our clients with the functioning of organizations, the development of leaders, transitions, the challenging policy, regulatory and economic cycles, as well as the strengthening of teams and rehabilitating struggling employees. Our solutions help address critical talent management and organizational demands to develop, improve, manage and sustain talent. Our coaches and our organization have experience in organizational development efforts at a variety of government agencies.

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